How to repair a deck

Ready to repair a deck? A deck or porch can be a great place to relax and forget all the problems. On the other hand, caring for a deck can be a nightmare. Inevitably, decks are always exposed to different elements from the day they were set up. Cleaning and doing regular repair is unavoidable but fret not as this can be done by yourself. Here are just a few pointers:

repair a deck
Repair a deck

Deck Repair Tips

  • Make it a habit to inspect your deck for popped nails and loose railings or boards. Immediately repair or replace any nails that have popped and to avoid hazards, replace loose railings as soon as possible.
  • Use a mild household detergent in water to clean dirt from a wood deck. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
  • Mineral spirits are helpful in removing stains caused by tree sap. Rinse thoroughly.
  • In removing mildew, wash the deck with this solution: 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of warm water. Then flush the area with water and let it dry. There are available commercial brighteners in the market and just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If mildew is a constant problem, you may want to check if you have too much shade on your deck. It would be good if you can trim some tree branches or bushes to help the deck gets more exposure from the sun.
  • It is easier to clean up and preserve the life of the wood if done routinely. Immediately apply stain formulation for decks over new wood, except for pressure-treated lumber that usually ages for six months before being stained.
  • Stay away from applying clear finishes like varnish or shellac to wood decks. Those types of finishes can’t withstand sun and moisture and must be removed if they start showing peeling.

When is the right time to repair a deck?

Here are some signs you might want to look at to see if is time to repair a deck:

  1. You found rotten wood
  2. Your railings shake
  3. Floor wiggles or floorboards are lose
  4. Deck boards are cracked
  5. Joist and beams are compromised
  6. Rusted nail and hardware

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