Decks in Arlington TX – Cost to Build

Planning to upgrade or build a decks in Arlington TX? I know you all have been wondering how much would it cost. Fret not as we are going to share and give you an idea how much will it cost you in having a deck in Arlington TX.

decks in arlington tx
decks in arlington tx

The perfect way to extend your living area at a reasonable cost per square foot is by adding a deck. Based from the “Cost vs Value Report” from the magazine “Remodeling”, it would only cost you $31 per square foot of a simple, all-pressure-treated wood deck installed by professional. The national average cost of having a two-story addition is $210 per square foot. Doesn’t that sounds very enticing?

The $31 per square foot, however, is just a reference point. The cost of building a deck will vary a whole lot, depending on how easy or extravagant your tastes are, and how much DIY work you’re willing to do.

In calculating costs, it is given that the size of your deck plays a major factor. It does not only about the amount of decking you’ll need, but also how many posts, piers, joints, screws, and metal connections are cut down by smaller decks. Not only that, smaller decks requires less time to build. So if you are planning to cut costs, consider cutting a few feet off the plan.

Design also plays a vital roll in costing. A deck with a square or rectangle is straightforward. You can start adding curves, have different levels, use patterns and this can add another 30 to 50 percent to your expenses.

Do-it-yourself labor can be a massive saver of money. The $31-per-square-foot cost is likely to be cut in half by a professional DIYer. If you’re not designing decks for a living, the tradeoff is time. You’re likely to take three times longer than a pro to build your deck.

Another aspect that influences the cost of constructing decks in Arlington TX is the choice of materials. Here are some popular materials for decking and their prices:

In general, pressure-treated wood is the cheapest decking material you can find, but it is typically made from wood of inferior grades. 1.50 dollars to 2.50 dollars per square foot.

Cheap wood like cedar ranges about $3.75 to $5 per square foot. It is widely available and makes for beautiful decking.

If you are from the West, Redwood decking is widely available but can be harder to come by east of the Rockies. Its price ranges from $6 to $8 per square foot.

Composite and synthetic decking has been a choice of many because of its advantage of being almost virtually maintenance-free. Depending on the brand, you can get it from $7 to $10 per square foot.

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