Custom Patio Covers

Deck Builder DFW takes pride in all our custom patio covers.

Why spend loads of money on an expensive vacation when you can plan a luxurious stay-cation instead?  Chances are you have a perfectly good backyard that is wasting away and dying for attention. However, you can change this and hire a professional to build a custom patio covers. Create the backyard oasis that you’ve always wanted. 

There are many benefits of creating a new custom patio covers.  It can be customized to match the architectural design of your home and add value.  In addition, you can enjoy it all year round. This is unlike with uncovered patios that can only be used during certain types of the year such as spring, summer or fall. Also, you won’t have to worry about bad weather spoiling your fun.  

Increase the living space of your home and spend more valuable time with your family within the privacy of your own space.  Customize your patio space and enjoy the natural beauty that is just a few steps away. Instead of dreading your backyard, embrace it by building a covered patio that is customized according to your tastes and needs.  It will make your backyard more enjoyable, provide shade and protect you from damaging UV rays. Unlike a sunroom that is enclosed, a covered patio allows you to be a part of nature, which is a great aspect of a staycation.

Other Uses for Your Custom Patio Covers

Once your stay-cation is over, you can use your new space for other things such as the following:

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner under the stars.

Host the next neighborhood barbecue.  Break out the grill and make your neighbors green with envy.

Use your new patio space for a Halloween, birthday or Christmas party. Don’t waste an exorbitant amount of money for a high-priced party venue.

Create a simple space where you can wind down and relax by the pool.

Options for A Custom Patio Covered Space

Before construction begins on your new covered patio, there are a few things that you must consider first. 

Should the roof be open air or solid? Open air roofing provides more sunlight and makes the space brighter, but it also subjects you to last minute rain showers that can ruin family staycations, barbecues and parties.  Glass roofing might be a good option because it is a solid cover that doesn’t block sunlight.

What type of material should you use for the roof? Wood is more rustic and blends with nature.  However, metal is weather resistant and more durable over time. Also, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a wood covering.

All in all, there are many ways to customize a covered patio so that it transforms into an inviting space that you and your family will love.  A professional can answer questions that you may have about the construction process and provide a quote before construction begins. If you’ve grown tired of patio umbrellas and uncontrollable awnings and want to enjoy the uniqueness of your own backyard, then build a covered patio.